You may wish to have a small horse barn at the back of your house. For this you need to build a horse barn properly to keep your horses safe. The size of the barn will depend on the number of horses you wish to keep in the stable. Keeping you barn simple will keep your budget within the limit as well as the horses will also enjoy a peaceful environment. You can choose from numerous barn designs which are available on the internet. If you are a do it yourselfer, then you can also innovate some barn ideas by yourself.

Simple barn design

If you want to keep your barn simple and easy then the most easy to create barn is the three-sided shed. In this type of barn you can close all the walls of the barn which will keep your horses safe and protected in any kind of weather. If you have two horses and you are planning to design a barn for them, make sure that your barn is as long as 12×24 feet. In future you can transfer these barns into stables by using partitions. You can even keep the roof simple by constructing it with corrugated iron. Along with a barn keep all other equestrian facilities ready.

Flooring and roofing

Along with barn designs numerous roofing and flooring options are also available in websites like Many people are there who start with a dirty floor, but end up concreting it as it gets too muddy in wet weather. However, concrete flooring is too hard for a horse’s leg. So, it can be covered with a rubber matting to give full comfort to your horse. One thing that should always be remembered before constructing a barn is to get permission from the local town office. You should always abide by the zoning laws as you are building a barn on your own.

Blueprint of your barn

You barn should be built legally from the very first day and you must end up providing all equestrian facilities to your horse. Before you actually start constructing a barn you should buy a blueprint and if possible a set of it. This is advised by many experts as free plans often miss details like cut sizes, step by step instruction and material list. Last but not the least; your horse’s health must be your priority while constructing a barn. Proper ventilation, natural light, foundation and roofing must be done at its best.